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Party Planner

Party Planner

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This is a 40-Page party planner or event planner will help you plan a fantastic party no matter what the occasion.

The planner is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11-inch paper.

Once you download the party planner, you can print it as many times as you want for each party that you plan.

The party planner printable contains the following pages:

  1. A Cover Page
  2. A Main Goals Page. 
  3. A Party Plan Page. 
  4. A Second Party Plan Page. 
  5. A Contact List Page with space for 14 different contacts.
  6. A Guest List Page.
  7. A Second Guest List Page.
  8. A Budget Plan Page. 
  9. A Second Budget Plan Page.
  10. A Grocery List Page.
  11. A Second Grocery List Page. 
  12. A Food Serving Page. 
  13. A Food Menu Page.  
  14. A Party Decorations Page.  
  15. A Second Party Decorations Page.  
  16. A Decorating Ideas Page.  
  17. A Party Decorations Checklists Page.  
  18. A To-Do List Page.  
  19. A Second To-Do List Page. 
  20. A Things To Do Page.
  21. A Weekly Planning Page (Mon.-Wed.)
  22. A Weekly Planning Page (Thurs.-Sun.)
  23. A Shopping List Page 
  24. A Supplier List Page 
  25. A Party Supply Checklist Page 
  26. A Second Party Supply Checklist Page 
  27. A Party Supply Checklist Page 
  28. A Party Plan Summary Page 
  29. A Card List Page.
  30. A List of Gifts Page.
  31. A Bucket List Page 
  32. A Day of Party Schedule Page.
  33. An Entertainment Page 
  34. A Party Checklist Page 
  35. A Month of Calendar Page.
  36. A Space Planner Page.
  37. A Notes Page.
  38. A Second Notes Page.
  39. An Inspiration/Vision Page.
  40. A This or That Page.

You can see all of the pages in the party planner printable in the video.

This is a digital product.  No physical product is sent.


8.5 x 11-inches

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